The Agency is proud to announce that Ari Afshar and Amir Jawaherian--one a native son of Beverly Hills, the other a Brooklynite turned global citizen, both top producing real estate agents--will be joining the team at The Agency's global headquarters in Beverly Hills.

Their business partnership "AriAmir" embodies a truly impressive confluence of cultures that moves fluidly through industry lines and professional passions to forge a formidable real estate force. Ari's entrepreneurial vision and abundance of connections on the Westside propelled the inception of his own boutique real estate agency and social media marketing company. The team's entrepreneurial ethic is complemented by Amir's storied international history in luxury real estate development and sales--working extensively in the former with Dubai's world-famous Palm Islands and the Dubai Race Track.

With an eye for luxury, a feel for concrete and a constant entrepreneurial vision that has trekked three continents and brought them to Los Angeles, AriAmir relish in solving the most complicated of client problems with creative solutions. They're shrewd and compassionate stewards of their clients' aspirations and exemplify the sophisticated discernment that gets people together and contracts signed around Southern California's most challenging properties.

"Our drive and partnership is exemplified in every corner of The Agency. To constantly be around a culture that encourages creative measures to achieve client goals elevates our own ability to get each and every intended resulted. We can't say enough about Mauricio and Billy's vision; and we're excited to cause some storm."

Founder and CEO of the Agency, Mauricio Umansky answered AriAmir's optimism with this, "We're glad to have Ari back in Beverly Hills. He's magnificently well-connected with a wealth of diverse business experience under his belt. Pair that with Amir's track record and knowledge of not only real estate, but development and that team has a surefire competitive edge. This industry--and even speaking to The Agency specifically--is driven by collaboration and results. AriAmir understand this and that makes them one of the partnerships I'm most looking forward to see."