On April 8, Haute Residence’s “Power Players under 40” panel at the second annual L.A. Luxury Real Estate Summit featured The Agency’s own James Harris and David Parnes. The panel was part of a larger discussion on how to be successful in California’s booming real estate market. Moderator Timothy Lappin, Esq., the founder and chairman of Luxury Home Group, invited discussion about James, David, and other participants’ roles on reality TV show Million Dollar Listing, how the show has affected their image and business, and how to balance home and business life.

Asked how his experiences in reality TV have affected him, James said that “it’s so important to be real to who you are and to carry that message to who your clients might be.” When the discussion turned to work/life balance, David emphasized that “delegation and trust is huge,” saying that if he and partner James “build up a team around us, … we’re going to do tenfold the business because you’re giving the right tasks to the right people.”

You can watch the full panel below:

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