Award-winning artist Andrew Levitas is having to part with one of his favorite works of art: a lush, 3 bed/4 bath residence perched above the Sunset Strip. Known for his distinctive style of fused metalwork and photography, the Angeleno of fifteen years has entrusted friend and agent Mauricio Umansky, along with co-listing agent Farrah Aldjufrie,  to handle the sale of his Laurel Canyon retreat. Built to not only display art but welcome those who make it, 8474 Utica Drive is especially unique and incredibly peaceful. Read on for an exclusive interview between Farrah and the artist himself.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 9.49.51 AMMauricio sold you this original house back in 2003. What are some of your favorite memories over the past 12 years?

This house has been an absolute dream. It is so incredibly special and unique for Los Angeles, a true retreat. Over the years, a great many writers, filmmakers, musicians and fine artists have stayed and worked here. The amount of art that has been created in this home is astonishing.

From a visual standpoint, do you think the homes of artists are much different from anybody else’s home?

A home which flows with creative energy is incredibly important whether you're an artist or not. Most homes lack that energy, but some, the special ones, have a built-in light & sound quality that supports and invigorates anyone who is fortunate enough to live there.

Favorite room in the house?

All of them. There are so many nooks and crannies, decks and hidden gems—you can find almost any vibe on the property at any time. It’s incredible when it rains and gorgeous when the sun is shining. With its tree orchids, ample foliage, and massive mature trees, the land here is really something to be treasured.

What does it mean to be a “mix media artist”?

I don't subscribe to labels, but I will tell you that I approach my work in various different ways for creating successful work, in my opinion, is finding the right blend between idea, process and medium.

levitas_bioYou’ve said before that when you walk into someone’s home or a gallery and see a piece of your work, 15 years can go by and you can still recognize every brushstroke, every twist and turn in a piece of metal and remember making it and agonizing over it. With your West Hollywood Home displaying your own artwork, do these emotions play out in the same way?

Not as much with the fine art, but considering the rich history of film creation that has taken place in this home—comprising of writers, directors, actors, etc.—I find myself watching countless films where I can recall the scenes being written or rehearsed on this very property.

Are you open to selling any of the art to a potential buyer?

Anyone who has good enough taste to move into this house is welcome to purchase my work.


Andrew just closed a solo exhibition at Phillips Berkeley Square in London, their first single artist show to date and a terrific honor for Andrew. His work is currently on display in Wynwood, Miami at Blueshift Project; the exhibit is on view through the end of June.  

Neighborhood Spotlight: Located in the highly coveted Wonderland school district and right around the corner from Pace, a romantic Italian eatery featuring locally sourced and organic ingredients, this little pocket of Laurel Canyon is its own special community where you can feel the sense of pride and ownership held by its residents. “There will forever be that lingering vibe of iconic Hollywood artistry and talent in the air, which is so synonymous with ‘L.A,’” adds Farrah. To see more photos, visit the home's listing page.