Santiago Arana, Partner at The Agency, was a special guest of Steve Shull at a recent Performance Coaching Workshop, where he was interviewed regarding his strategy and success in his career. The Performance Coaching Workshop exists to provide complimentary professional development to assist individuals in achieving top results within their field of expertise. 

Santiago has achieved much success since he began his professional career in real estate. He came to the United States just over ten years ago and without mastery of the English language or a community, he channeled a strong work ethic and a vision for his life, eventually becoming one of the top agents in the country. In the workshop, Santiago discussed how important it is to continue through discouragement and to “pursue what you are good at.”  He emphasized the importance of a team which yields the benefits of freeing up more time to focus on areas of personal strengths. The stories, experiences, and lessons he shared at the workshop clearly display what is possible for one to achieve.

To watch the informative and motivating discussion with Santiago, click here.