Blog_JamesDavid Childhood friends, fellow Brits, and now one of the most successful real estate teams in the business, James Harris and David Parnes are like two peas in a pod—usually. They can get competitive with each other, but they know it’s all part of the game. See what they think of each other when it comes to life’s everyday things. Who has a better American accent? David: “You can have that so I don’t have to do an impression.” BuzzFeed: “Are you guys good at it?” James: “I’m really bad at it, my American accent is horrendous.” Who is the better cook? James: “Me. Well actually it’s debatable. What about both?’ David: “It’s specific things.’ James: “He’s a mean chicken wing cooker on the barbecue.’ David: “I do an amazing barbecue!’ James: “But I cook a rack of lamb.’ David: “I can boil an egg though, really well.’ James: “And I can do an omelet.’ David: “There’s a skill to boiling an egg perfectly. It’s three minutes from the boil—” James: “Very exciting. You put this egg in a saucepan and you let the water boil for three minutes so I think based on that — me.” Who’s more likely to be found at the gym? James: “That’s very easy. Just look at our muscles and that’ll answer that.” Read more of their verbal sparring on Buzzfeed’s “Me or Him” game here. And don’t miss James and David in full real estate mode with new episodes of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.