Blog_Melanie-Goldberg The Agency is pleased to welcome Melanie Goldberger to the team. With an exciting 20-year career in the fast-paced publishing world, Melanie is a confident and successful negotiator and excels in the art of relationship building and networking. "Working in New York City within the advertising and publishing world I was able to really hone my marketing and sales acumen," said Melanie. "Developing plans and putting together the pieces of the puzzle so that the outcome is beneficial for all parties is something that both drives and rewards me. In addition, I am constantly connecting and matching people together from all aspects of my life–something that truly makes all the difference in the real estate world." Melanie was introduced to the The Agency by Craig Knizek, Director of the Estates division, and she immediately knew that this was the brokerage for her. “The collaboration and cutting-edge energy found on The Agency team is very inspiring, as is being surrounded by so many top-level agents,” Melanie said. Craig added, "Melanie has a very detailed and deep knowledge of her neighborhood in the Palisades, which she’ll translate into great service for her friends and sphere of influence." Born and raised in Los Angeles, Melanie brings a unique perspective to The Agency. "While I've enjoyed living in different cities, I can truly appreciate how great L.A. is," says Melanie. "I look forward to advising clients with my first-hand knowledge of the area and the amenities. The lifestyle is second to none – where else can you be a quick walk from the ocean, surrounded by an inclusive and kind community, participate in an active lifestyle and make an investment that will benefit the entire family?" Melanie is very active in the Pacific Palisades community where she and her family reside. You can find Melanie at the Brentwood office. Click here to view her complete bio.