Blog_Inc “Most people dream of disrupting industries. Mauricio Umansky and The Agency have successfully done it.” So states a new feature on which has placed The Agency among its “Icons of Entrepreneurship.” In the piece, How This Real Estate Agency Completely Changed The Industry, Inc. compares The Agency’s impact on real estate to Richard Branson and Virgin Airlines’ game-changing impact on the airline industry. 160513 8927StIvesDrMDLLA 166Inc. takes an in-depth look at how The Agency created a top brand, recognized everywhere, “from rural America to the middle of China,” not only because of its media, internet and reality TV presence but because of its strategic partnerships, marketing and events. The article outlines eight things The Agency did to redefine the real estate industry, beginning with increasing the barrier for entry. “If you make it into The Agency and are able to wear its hat or pins or ‘carry The Agency flag,’ it means you are someone the firm has chosen to invest in,” author Leonard Kim writes. 331 Foothill - 16 - editHe goes on to outline The Agency’s team-driven approach and method for attracting the top-producing realtors — by providing tools such as research, systems and an in-house creative team that help them do their jobs. Mauricio and his partners arm their people with knowledge so they may become advisors, not agents, looking out for their client’s best interest. Inc. also credits The Agency's culture of partnership, transparency and fun for its success, noting the design of its open-plan office as well as the open-door policy of its management team - a similar approach to that of a tech company. “Mauricio loves competition, and he wants to make the industry better,” Kim writes. “He feels if other people elevate, he will too.”  Read’s complete list of how The Agency disrupted an industry, here.