Blog_LAWeekly L.A. Weekly recently sat down with The Agency’s Mauricio Umansky to discuss how he has become one of the leaders and most recognized personalities in the luxury real estate business. In his interview, he spoke about the benefits of his The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fame and how he has marketed and sold some of the most high-profile homes on the market over his 20-year career in real estate. With The Playboy Mansion currently in his “for sale” repertoire, Mauricio and The Agency have made international headlines by listing the $200 million property which boasts a storied history and is currently America’s most expensive completed home on the market. The article notes, “Umansky’s listings do more than outline amenities. They turn plaster and wood into narratives.” Mauricio says he and his team are hired to market homes, and The Agency does this by selling a lifestyle and finessing the details to give each property a distinct personality. Michael Jordan’s estate in Chicago is a perfect example of this. Captivating videos, photos and descriptions speak on a personal level to potential buyers, bringing them to the realization that they’re not just buying any home; they’re buying Michael Jordan’s home. The article also mentions the spectacular $42 million listing at 1201 Laurel Way, which Mauricio says is “One of the most viewed properties on the internet.” Mauricio also touches on the subject of Real Housewives and the exposure it gives both him and The Agency.  “I think I’m extremely lucky in the reality TV that I do, because the real star is my wife and not me. I get the best of both worlds. I can take advantage of the marketability, but I don’t actually have to show up.” Read the full L.A. Weekly feature here.