Blog_4444 Libbit Ave Encino Historic Architecure and Design The San Fernando Valley is filled with an abundance of rich history and architecture, and Encino is one of its most vibrant, character-rich neighborhoods. Famed architect Martin Stern Jr. was a major influence in designing  one of the neighborhood’s most popular communities, Encino Village, during the mid-1950s, with many other acclaimed designers making their mark since then.  Many of the buildings and homes were originally designed with traditional architecture in mind and have maintained their charm over the years. In fact, just strolling along many streets, including Ventura Boulevard, you can still see some of the original eye-catching architecture today. The Agency's own Craig Knizek is well-versed on the area's most historic homes, including the charming conventional estate he has listed at 4444 Libbit Avenue. Although the home received a full-scale rebuild 12 years ago, many of the same traditional design and architectural elements from its original 1936 framework are still reflected in the home today. From the meticulous detail to the crown molding, to Dutch-made kitchen cabinets, the estate spares no expense. Another element that adds to the home's classic design is a preserved 70-year-old bottle brush tree that shades the backyard patio. For more information and to contact Chris Knizek, view the listings page for 4444 Libbit Avenue.