Blog_The Renaissance of Ventura Blvd As the heart of the San Fernando Valley, the resurgence of activity along Ventura Boulevard has fueled the growth of a diverse population and home offerings as people immerse themselves in the neighborhood’s vibrant culture. The bustling thoroughfare along Ventura Boulevard has been experiencing quite the renaissance as of late, with hip new clothing boutiques and restaurants drawing an eclectic crowd of young families and studio execs drawn to its laidback, high-end offerings. Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 3.00.12 PM Sweet Butter, a quaint breakfast and lunch spot, has been buzzing since the day it opened, serving healthy meals, salads, and organic coffee and teas, with curbside, dog-friendly seating. Directly next door, the locally-owned clothing, and home goods store, SOTO LIFESTYLE, draws hip mothers and daughters alike for the latest fashion trends, and a plethora of upscale pet boutiques, groomers, and pampering hotels like The Wagmor make the street a go-to destination for discerning dog lovers. Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 3.01.16 PM The neighborhood’s proximity to CBS Radford Studios has drawn a wave of new, upscale restaurants catering to an affluent and innovative crowd. Top Chef Masters alum and former Father’s Office and Lukshon chef Ted Hopson teamed up with beverage director Ann-Marie Verdi and opened The Bellwether, a modern, family-style restaurant with a Southern Italian flair, drawing everyone from hungry locals to studio execs looking for a satisfying power lunch. The street is also home to a number of fabulous Japanese restaurants, including Katsu-Ya and the Michelin-starred Asanebo.   Its Spicy tuna rolls might be a relatively new thing, but Ventura Boulevard has long been a draw for Hollywood’s elite, and Longridge Avenue the most desirable street in the area. Bud Abbot’s estate was located on Longridge, and Judy Garland one lived there in Jean Harlow’s former digs. While the neighborhood is home to a new wave of A-listers, the gorgeous homes that dot the surrounding hillsides still retain a certain Old Hollywood air, and there’s no better example of that coveted blend of classic glamour and contemporary elegance than 3701 Longridge Avenue, currently listed by Craig Knizek and Billy Rose. From classic Hollywood prestige to refined elegance, Ventura Boulevard’s eclectic offerings are just one more reason why the area is such a great place to call home.