Is a big move in your future? Moving to a new city, state, or country can feel extremely overwhelming. So, we sat down to chat with Rachel Guerin, The Agency’s Relocation Director, to get her top relocation tips and tricks to make the process as seamless and enjoyable as possible. With abundant experience in helping people get from one place to another (no matter how far that may be), Rachel lent some great insight on streamlining your move.

Q: What are some of the challenges clients face when relocating?

Sticker shock for buyers is real—especially for those moving to major metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, D.C., and New York City. Buyers may have to adjust their housing price expectations to the new market. For those moving for a partner’s new job, they may be challenged by finding their own new career path in a new place.

Additionally, buyers may experience challenges in finding their place within their new community and learning the area. For those with children, finding schools and activities are always some of their top concerns when moving.

Q: What tips do you have for people when they are packing up a home?

-Plan in advance. Preparing and planning as far in advance as you can really pays off. Waiting until the last minute only leads to stress.

-Get it all on paper! Make a checklist that has everything you need to know. Add to it when you think of something and get it out of your brain and onto the page.

-Simplify. Moving is a great time to declutter, donate items, and throw things out. Say hello to a fresh start!

-Pack wisely. Label boxes, tape them carefully, and don’t make them too heavy. Avoid mixing items from different rooms to make the unpacking process easier.

-Document. Take pictures of rooms, box contents and setups so you have a reference when you’re putting your new home together.

-Timing is important. Pick your moving day strategically, preferably not on a weekend.

-Technology is your friend. Use an app like Moving Van, Visual Inventory, or Moveline.

Q: Do you have any tips for relocating with kids?

Moving with children is certainly daunting, but can be made easier with some simple guidelines.

-Keep it positive. When introducing the concept to your child, focus on the positives and tell them what is exciting about this new opportunity and place.

-Get them involved. If your little one is old enough to help pack, ask them for their help! Even children as young as two can help put things in boxes, sort the toys they want to keep and take on cleaning tasks. They can even help color code boxes with stickers or label them.

-Offer them some control. Children will feel much more secure if they can have some control in a situation that is largely outside of their control. Let them choose what they want to bring, how they want to set up their new room, etc.

-Maintain familiarity. Even small things like a stuffed animal or their favorite meal will help them settle into a new environment. Think about what their greatest comforts are and try to bring as many of those things over to your new home as possible. (It’s also a great time to transition out of bad habits and into fresh, new routines!)

-Seeing is believing. Visit the new community with them beforehand if you can. This will give them the opportunity to get excited and will help them visualize this big change.

Q: Do you find there is an ideal time of year to move?

It’s always great to move in the off-season when you can, because the demand for moving companies and services will be lower. We usually see a dip in demand in the months of March, April, and early May, with the end of May kicking off the peak moving season. However, the decision ultimately comes down to the client’s needs, budget and preferences—so the “best” time to move will be different for everyone.

Q: How can people get to know a city quickly?

Explore as much as you can, in whatever way you can! This may mean perusing Google Earth, volunteering in the community, asking your neighbors for help, taking public transportation, or chatting with locals whenever you can. I always love to recommend playing tourist for the day, and exploring restaurants, entertainment, shopping, and parks. A food and drink tour is a great way to get a sense of an area’s flavor, and can occupy just an afternoon!

Q: How can people find community in their new city?

Finding community is all about making connections and feeling like you are a part of something. Here are some of my recommendations on ways to start getting to know people:

-Find a church or house of worship.

-Turn exercising into a social event by going to the gym or taking classes.

-Volunteer with an organization.

-Walk your dog (or offer services to do so for others!)

-Attend local workshops or meetings that interest you.

-Resist the urge to go out of town! Try to stick around and settle into the new place, even if it's a bit uncomfortable for a while.

Q: Moving can be very emotional. How can people get ready for their upcoming move mentally?

Planning ahead, focusing on the positive, and asking for help can make big life disruptions a little easier. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, try to envision your new life in order to turn fear into excitement!

Q: Any other items to note on The Agency’s relocation services and expertise?

Our trained relocation experts really make a big move not so big of a deal. They save you time and increase productivity. The Agency’s global reach is a benefit to each buyer and seller, ensuring that they receive either the best possible sale of their home or access to a greater breadth of buying opportunities.

You can read more about The Agency’s relocation department and its services here and contact Rachel at