Members of The Agency were recently welcomed guests at Terranea, the luxury resort and vacation home community nestled on the coastal bluffs of the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

PmP8bg993tEftsKf5chvNWa0SGqEg88rQVQeWAnQ534,R2F9NER9rSqv6hsSM_7LFCvIToUuOca0gTocgOgXYvoLocated just 30 miles from Los Angeles, Terranea is a “beautiful, peaceful place,” commented CEO and Co-founder Mauricio Umansky, “The perfect spot for a second home.”

Among those who enjoyed the special getaway with Mauricio were Farrah Aldjufrie, Justin Mandile, Jeeb O'Reilly, and Santiago Arana. Here’s what our agents had to say about their recent stay.

Arriving at Terranea's expansive, Mediterranean-style lobby, with its inviting terraces that overlook beautiful gardens below, can be quite dramatic. What was your first impression?

Farrah Aldjufrie: Although it was a rainy day, that did not take away from the beauty of the surroundings—plunging cliffsides added vastness to our scenic picture.

Where did you stay on the property?

Farrah Aldjufrie: We stayed in one of the West Oceanfront Casitas which, of course, had an ocean view.

Justin Mandile: Our casita overlooked the golf course, lovely!

Jeeb O’Reilly: I stayed in one of the Villas and I really appreciated the open layout.

What about the resort really heightens the beauty of being by the ocean?

Farrah Aldjufrie: It's not your typical tropical ocean-side resort. There is definitely a feeling of being in a sort of natural and preserved ecosystem, which I believe it is, mixed with the palm trees that are very iconic of California. The landscaping, the cliffs, the dark deep blue color of the ocean, even the smell in the air- it’s very fresh and clean and smells like nature.

Justin Mandile: You really feel secluded and the views are spectacular.

Did you spend any quality time at the Spa?

Justin Mandile: I treated myself to a massage and it was great, loved the spa area.

Farrah Aldjufrie: One of the things I always look for in a resort are the group fitness classes, and Terranea offers classes that take place all over the property—next time I would definitely like to try an outdoor 'Seaside Cycle' or yoga class. However, I did have a chance to get a relaxing massage during my stay, and thought it was nice that they had a little healthy café nearby where you can get fresh smoothies and tea after a workout or treatment.

What is the culinary scene like?

Farrah Aldjufrie: We only had a chance to have dinner at Nelsons, a more casual dining/bar venue—but it was really fun and they had great bar food. The signature giant pretzel was my favorite. It’s cool that they have a place like this for when you’re sick of eating at stuffy hotel-type restaurants and just want to go somewhere fun and break it up.

Best spot for sipping a sunset cocktail?

Farrah Aldjufrie: Probably at Marsel, their award-winning restaurant that grows some of its own herbs and produce, which I thought was pretty unique. It has stunning views.

Jeeb O’Reilly: The patio at the Villa.

Did you see any wildlife while you were there, whether on land, in the air or ocean?

Justin Mandile: Yes, we saw a pod of dolphins playing out on the horizon during sunset.

Where/when did you feel the most removed from work and LA hustle?

Jeeb O’Reilly: I immediately decompressed the moment I turned into the property. The expansive views are very relaxing.

Santiago Arana: While I was running at the gym at 6:30 a.m. one morning. It was raining and very magical, and I definitely felt removed from the hustle.

Justin Mandile: I would say at night when we went to the sports bar then spent some quality time together afterwards in one of the villas.

Who do you see the vacation homes at Terranea being ideal for?

Justin Mandile: Golfers, tennis players, and anyone who just want to ‘get away’ without having to go far from L.A.’s metropolis.

Farrah Aldjufrie: It is great for any person or family looking to make a good investment as everything is taken care of for you and you even make money off of the vacation homes!

Jeeb O’Reilly: Families, extended families, and groups of friends.

How would you describe Terranea and its unique coastline location to someone who's never been there before?

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Santiago Arana: As one of the most exclusive and beautiful bluffs along the California Coast, with unparalleled views of the Ocean, dramatic cliffs and mountains.

Jeeb O’Reilly: One of the best places to go without having to take a plane or a train. A getaway within minutes from the city.

Service and hospitality are important when you're there to "get away" and relax. Did the level of service at Terranea live up to your expectations?

Jeeb O’Reilly: It was great. Super friendly and accomodating.

What was the highlight of your stay? 

Santiago Arana: Definitely spending the night in our Villa. Waking up and going to bed there was very peaceful and it felt like home.

Finish this sentence: Owning at Terranea is perfect for the person who wants to ___________.

Santiago Arana: Have a second home that’s removed yet not too far away for a fraction of the price of a beach house, with all the amenities of a hotel.

Justin Mandile: Relax near the coast and escape the busy city lifestyle.

Will you be back?

(A unanimous) Yes!


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