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The Agency’s Mauricio Umansky, David Parnes and James Harris Partner with Sonhaus

by | Jul 25, 2022

Big news: The Agency, its Founder and CEO Mauricio Umansky, and leading luxury real estate agents David Parnes and James Harris are now exclusively representing Sonhaus for sales and distribution in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Sonhaus offers fractional ownership of luxury second homes in some of Europe’s most coveted locations. Offering the option to share the investment amongst eight owners, the company enables buyers to own multi-million-Euro properties for a fraction of their market value. Mauricio, David, James and The Agency will lead sales and distribution for the exquisitely designed, fully managed and maintained properties located in Europe’s most renowned and desirable second home markets including Marbella, Mykonos, Ibiza, the Algarve and Mallorca, with plans to expand further across the world.

“The Agency is thrilled to partner with Sonhaus for sales and distribution in these markets, bringing this innovative product to the world’s thriving luxury second home market,” said Mauricio. “Throughout the past few years, we’ve witnessed the rise of fractional ownership and we look forward to bringing this unique and seamless experience to buyers seeking to own a property in many of the world’s most sought-after destinations.”

“Sonhaus sees The Agency as its natural partner for sales and distribution in these markets, providing its new and existing clientele with a gateway and access to the experience and prestige of owning a home in the world’s premier locations at a price that would previously have been unthinkable,” said Jacob Lyons, Founder and CEO of Sonhaus.

Offering a new class of luxury second home ownership, Sonhaus puts an end to challenges traditionally experienced when buying a property abroad, guiding buyers through the entire process including financing, administration and insurance to local banking and billing. Buyers are heavily vetted to ensure quality ownership is maintained, while the intuitive online platform simplifies the process of buying, selling, swapping and renting properties from other Sonhaus homeowners.

“Sonhaus is revolutionizing the fractional ownership space and we’re excited to share this unique offering with buyers who have always dreamed of owning a home abroad,” said David. “Sonhaus removes the obstacles related to not only purchasing a property in another country but also the management and design of that property, creating a one-stop shop for owners.”

Currently, Sonhaus has approximately 150 properties on its roster and is looking to acquire many more. For more information on Sonhaus, please visit www.sonhaus.com or reach out to Mauricio, David or James

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