The first results of the year are in. Many of The Agency’s own have been selected among the Real Estate All-Stars by Los Angeles Magazine and Orange Coast Magazine.

“With tens of thousands of real estate agents working in Los Angeles, choosing the right one can be a daunting task,” reads the Los Angeles Magazine editorial team’s introduction to the article. “Buying a home shouldn’t be as stressful as driving a car without breaks, which is why we commissioned Professional Research Services to contact residential real estate companies—big and small—in the region and collect the names of its top performing agents within a 12-month period. Now, a purchase this huge no longer needs to be a gamble. Peace of mind is the least we can offer. Making your house a home is up to you.”

Los Angeles Magazine Real Estate All Stars

62 of our agents and four teams have been selected for The Los Angeles Magazine 2021 Real Estate All Stars list. View the full list here or flip through the magazine's January digital edition here.

Winning Teams:

Aileen Comora and Paul Lester

David Parnes and James Harris

The Umansky Team: Mauricio Umansky, Farrah Brittany and Eduardo Umansky

Gina Michelle and George Ouzounian

Winning Agents:

Jagger Kroener

Alex Quaid

Ben Belack

Alexandria Brunkhorst

Jacob Dadon

Michael Druker

David Findley

Edward Fitz

Jon Grauman

Lindsay Guttman

Bennett Hirsch

Maya Librush

David Melaugh

Josh Myler

Jill Nelsen

Adi Perez

Billy Rose

Jonathan Ruiz

Nick Sandler

Baron Steinbrecher

Daniel Stevenson

Kevin Stewart

Jon Swire

Alex Vichinsky

Jen Winston

Emil Hartoonian

Kevin Nguyen

Danielle Peretz

Angel Salvador

John Tashtchian

Allie Lutz

Santiago Arana

Austin Brunkhorst

Anamaria Delph

Farah Levi

Griffin Riddle

Robert Sandefer

Jeffrey Sandorf

Brian Selem

Keri White

Sandro Dazzan

Irene Dazzan-Palmer

Eric Haskell

Cooper Mount

Michael Grady

Chris Hicks

Chris Reisbeck

Amy Weber

Rita Whitney

Victor Brown

Kevin Dees

Nikki Joel

Corey Kessler

Craig Knizek

Andrea Korchek

Ingrid Sacerio

Michelle Schwartz

Denise Snanoudj

Sebastian Spader

André Warren

Andy Hairabedian

Orange Coast Magazine Real Estate All-Stars

Winning Team:

Michael Caruso and Phillip Caruso